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Solutions to Manage and Protect Your Business 





Delivering sophisticated results while avoiding costly over-lawyering.


Commitment to the long-term success of each startup we serve.


Assuring compliance with applicable corporate laws.


Cost effective corporate governance and corporate filings.


From informal settlement negotiations to arbitration.


Ethical and practical courtroom representation.



Duckworth Legal Group has tailored its practice to be focused on the day-to-day operations and legal issues that affect our select small business clientele. Our commitment to a narrow practice field consistently yields superior quality, cost effective, and accessible legal services. From sole entrepreneurs starting out in a basement to companies with 50 employees and a growing customer base, we take the time necessary to learn about each of our clients and provide individualized solutions.

Small businesses are prone to common and avoidable legal mistakes. Legal messes and litigation can be avoided through the proper guidance of a small business attorney. No matter your industry or if you’ve been in business 30 years or just launching, we can help you with all phases of your business. Whether routine or a one-time occurrence, we are ready to help you resolve any small business matter.

Forming, protecting, and passing on your business are part of your livelihood and legacy. The amount of money, time, energy, and effort that you put into creating and maintaining your business is better protected with the right legal help. Don’t risk losing your business or getting into legal trouble because you neglect using trustworthy legal assistance. Contact the Duckworth Legal Group to keep your business compliant and running smoothly.




Regan R. Duckworth is a Salt Lake City based small business attorney. He is admitted to practice law in Utah, Texas, and Illinois. He provides legal counsel to small businesses on a wide range of issues related to start up requirements, the dissolution process, and everything in between. In addition to running the Duckworth Legal Group, he educates small business owners throughout the state at various business group events and has been involved with various chambers of commerce and business associations.

Prior to founding the Duckworth Legal Group, Regan represented corporate clients in court in several areas of the law, including contract, real property, foreclosure, commercial transactions, and bankruptcy. Over the years, he has sued large and small companies as well as defended his clients in court. Regan has also served as in-house counsel. His experience in corporate legal departments gave him an appreciation for the hard work, dedication, and understanding of the nuances of the law required of an in-house attorney.


The experience he gained working as counsel for these companies is unique given that he has been able to manage a large case loads at various stages of litigation. Regan also has many years of commercial drafting experience for various small business clients, including medical professionals and various financial institutions. These clients also allowed Regan to develop training programs regarding corporate compliance in their industries and many opportunities to draft and implement relevant policies and procedures. 


Frustrated by all the money and time wasted on preventable lawsuits, Regan realized how he could best practice law was by focusing on keeping small businesses out of court. Regan is motivated to help small business owners avoid the common mistakes that threaten business and focus their valuable resources on growing their company and the economy rather than wasting their time and energy in court. 


Regan knows what steps are necessary to avoid court. Regan has all the necessary qualifications to provide Utah small business owners with sound advice and words of encouragement from someone who truly wants to see their business thrive.


When not helping his clients grow their businesses, Regan can be found traveling with his family, swimming with his wife, skiing, golfing, and enjoying all that his native state of Utah has to offer.




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